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The Hudson Hotel

Brian Dorsey Studio

September Wedding Flowers

I love working at the Hudson Hotel. It is a wonderful venue and a wedding there is like renting a country estate in the middle of Manhattan and is one of my favorite venues.

Designed by Ian Schraeger,  the penthouse features a rooftop atrium for the reception and ceremony and a wonderful garden room with a deck that is fully landscaped. There is also a kitchen and two guest rooms that can be converted to a foyer for when guests arrive.

Types of flowers that look great in September for weddings are dahlias, ranunculus, anemones, and mums. These flowers are generally available to any florist around the country. Here in New York City, the dahlias, ranunculus, anemones and mums are locally grown flowers.

I was very excited when I found out that Brian Dorsey Studio was the photographer of choice. His pictures of weddings are always amazing and he is ranked as one of the top photographers in the country. Also, Brian and his staff are always a pleasure to work with and very generous about sharing their photos.

For this wedding we designed a floral arch that could be separated after the ceremony. It was made of curly willow and orchids. We chose designs that were modern but had a rustic feeling to them to coordinate with the invitations and overall design. Decorations included miles of garlands placed throughout the space, dahlias, roses and cork accents. The bridal bouquet had flowers in shades of peach and orange with dahlias and roses. The bridesmaids bouquets coordinated with the bridal bouquet Tables had decor that was both tall and low to create interest.

I love peach wedding flowers in September, with the bright orange harvest moon and long sunsets, peach is the perfect color for a fall wedding.

Venue: Hudson Hotel

Photography: Brian Dorsey Studio

Flowers and Decor: Rose Red & Lavender

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