Charlie – The Floral Arrangement


Inspired by the 70’s iconic perfume, Charlie. This modern arrangement in a solid brass vase features Anthurium, Orchids, and fiery eucalyptus. The container can be used over and over to make any flowers feel fabulous.



When I first saw this arrangements it reminded me of the 70’s and 80’s commercial for Charlie, the perfume. The iconic scent of that era.

Charlie was a sophisticated blonde who wore white Ralph Lauren pant suits and traveled in a vintage Rolls Royce convertible. She was surrounded by men and was a coy, coquette. She was confident, fabulous and in control.

In the commercials, the theme song was sung by the smoky voice of Bobby Short and later Little Richard and she was always out and about in fabulous places in amazing outfits.


I wanted to be like Charlie when I grew up, but i always felt too freckly, too pudgy, too skinny,  too short, too tall, hair too frizzy or too flat, pale and bookish. Charlie was aspirational but unobtainable.  She now sells for under $25 a bottle at mass retailers, I think I have aged into a better woman.

This floral arrangement with its solid brass container, luxurious orchids, and modern anthuriums and fiery eucalyptus, captures a time and place where women were re-inventing themselves and the new vision of a confident, independent, and sexy woman had emerged.

The container can be used over and over to make any flowers feel fabulous.

We love you Charlie.

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