Poppies – Beautés Dangereuses


Beautiful Poppies featured in a mercury glass vase.

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Poppies always remind me of the Wizard of Oz, beauty, mystery and danger.

I love watching them grow and develop and their papery petals unfurl. The latin name is Papaver which sounds similar to paper but means poppy. This particular poppy, Papaver somniferum is most commonly known as the opium poppy.

Paired with a simple addition and featured in a romantic, footed vase, this deceptively graceful and feminine arrangement has a mysterious dark side.

Picture opium dens, opulence and Qing era chinoiserie.

We don’t often see poppies as they prefer to be left alone and will quickly poison other flowers with its milky sap when used in an arrangement. Oh those beautés dangereuses.

This beautiful arrangement will change and grow and develop and is a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day.

Perfect for a newly formed relationship or crush where passion may not be appropriate. It is also great for someone who may eschew any signs of red hued floral gifts on Valentine’s Day, with the delicate pinks, creams and peach flowers it is both romantic and subtle.

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