Choosing Your Flowers
Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Bouquet


Establish Your Statement

Think about the story that you want to tell, what is your personal style. Are you laid back and low key or do you like to make a bold statement?  Are you looking to do a wedding styled after one of your favorite movies or show, Game of Thrones, perhaps?  Create a folder of magazine tear outs and ideas from on-line. The idea here is not to curate, but to collect, so that the bigger picture will emerge. Take a look at friends weddings, maybe you loved the bouquet but not the ceremony decor, this is something to mention to us (not your friend, of course).



Consider Your Venue

Your venue has a lot to say about your wedding and the styles that will work, or not. You wouldn’t want to put overly formal arrangements in an industrial space, nor would you want to put sunflowers and rustic containers in a ball room. Is there bright wallpaper, a big white loft? During our initial consultation we will discuss your venue with you and if we don’t know the space, we will set up a visit with you to get an idea of its style and unique requirements.


Create the Concept

This is where all your ideas fall into place. Its important to decide what your bridesmaids will wear. This plays an important role in choosing the flowers you will pick and the overall look of the decor. Make a list of some of your favorites and we will work with you to create your unique pallet and floral creations.


Consider Your Gown

Your dress plays an important factor into what type of flowers you will have and the style of your bouquet. We keep the design in mind when we are making suggestions and will create something that complements  you and your dress. We want you to look amazing on your wedding day.


Your Personal Style

Sometimes your personal style is different than your overall vision. Are you normally understated and want a small posey to carry, but your dress is full and would look better with a different style. Think about your mom, would she love a corsage or rather carry a small nosegay. Style will affect the pricing as well as the flower choice and size of the bouquets.


Size Does Matter

No matter what your groom says, size does matter and yes, you do need flowers at weddings. The number of guests you will have at your wedding will greatly impact the cost. The amount of guests will determine how many tables and centerpieces you will need. The amount of attendants will also dramatically impact the price. On the flip side, if you need fewer than average centerpieces and have a small wedding party you might be able to splurge on the garden roses and dahlias that you love.