Did you know that some flowers take time to develop, mature and blossom? We love flowers and have equipped our production studio with state of the art processing and cooling facilities. We have invested our equipment to make sure that your flowers are at their absolute most perfect on the day of your event.

We’re more than flowers! We love to bring brainstorming and creative problem-solving into our designs. Sometimes, to bring an idea or a feeling to life, we need to build and create with nontraditional mediums. To accommodate for this creative freedom, we have a fully operational workshop with a wide variety of tools and workspace.

Our designers come from a variety of creative backgrounds, offering fresh ideas and multiple skill sets. We’ve been designing and producing events for over 15 years, and have learned from some of the best in the industry. This experience has taught us to successfully merge the creative vision with all building techniques, complicated logistics and strict budgets. We will never promise something that we can’t deliver, but we will help you to design the experience of your dreams, even if it seems impossible.