Rose Red & Lavender started out, in 2008, as a sweet little plant and flower shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—and quickly gained a devoted following among nature-starved New Yorker’s; tastemakers at Vogue, Martha Steward Weddings, and New York Magazine; and clients like BMW, Stella McCartney, and Estée Lauder. In 2018, we closed our storefront and doubled down on flower design for weddings, both in the New York City metro area and expanded into the Hudson Valley.

We teach gardening and design classes, sell beautiful things, and create elegant floral décor for couples who are bold, spirited, and kind.


To bring magic to your gathering; to capture your essence through flowers.

We work hand in hand with our clients to create designs that tell your love story, while sprinkling fairy dust on you and your beloveds.


We want you and your guests to enjoy every precious moment of your time together.

We design for people. For connection.

We will never install anything that blocks sight lines, or hinders interaction.

Did you know that failing to make eye contact during a toast means seven years of bad sex? Let us save you from that fate!

We want you and your guests to be happy.

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We love working with thoughtful people who love life and their fellow beings.

We know you come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and hold a wide range of beliefs.

Color picture of bride and groom
The bridal party helps with the last finishing touches.
For a Wedding at Liberty Warehouse in Redhook Brooklyn



We are all in this together—and we could all use some healing magic, right about now!

Here at Rose Red & Lavender, we’re producing a series of videos, and hosting live classes that will empower you to embrace the natural world; welcome plants and flowers into your life; and stay healthy, happy, and strong. Tune in to learn how to grow your own food, make your own personal care products, and turn flowers into gorgeous bouquets.

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I like hugging trees—but I love hugging people. Virtual hugs to you all.


Kimberly Sevilla



CEO, Rose Red & Lavender


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