Do you do more than flowers?

Of course, are you looking for a Custom Tiki Bar for your Palm Springs inspired Soiree, or would you like your party to look like Mendl’s Sweet Shop, an 8′ Floral Wall? We can make that happen for you. At Rose Red & Lavender We offer floral design for smaller weddings as well as full event design.
  • Custom design and build of furniture and props
  • Stationary
  • Signage
  • Photo Booth Backdrops
  • Table Scape Design
  • Furniture Rental
  • Prop Rental
  • Floor Plans
  • Bouquets and Boutonnieres
  • Centerpieces
  • Kick Ass Ceremony Decor
  • Vendor Curation
  • Venue Selection and Scouting
  • Lighting Design and Coordination
  • Chupphas
  • Mandaps
  • Floral Arches
  • Corsages and Crowns
  • Hand Holding and Hugs

What is the difference between an Wedding Planner, Coordinators, an Event Designer and a Floral Designer?

Most people have never planned a wedding before and the process can be confusing. The difference between a wedding planner, day of coordinator, event designer and floral designer deserves some clarification.

Wedding Planners & Coordinators 

Wedding Planners are focused on logistics. They will help you select the venue, catering company, floral designers and even an event designer. Their job is to curate a team that will execute your vision and make sure that everything happens flawlessly. Wedding Planners are not the same as Wedding Designers.
They will check in the rental items, and deliveries, act as a point person for other vendors, set up your day of timeline and make sure that every thing runs smoothly.

On-Site Coordinators

Many venues will offer a coordinator as part of the package of services. This person works for the venue and their attention will be focused on the best flow of the day for their venue. While it is great to have this extra support, their job is to make sure that everything flows from the venue side. They shouldn’t take the place of a day of coordinator or an event planner.

Event Designers 

Event Designers work with you and your planner, should you have one, to select all of the visual elements for your wedding. This can include floral designs, table-scapes, linens, props, furniture, lighting, and other visual details. They will make sure that your event has a cohesive visual statement and sometimes provide day-of coordination.

Day-Of and Month of Coordinators

Day of and Month of Coordinators will provide oversight of the flow of your day. They will work with you to make sure that everything flows smoothly. A month of coordinator will join you during the last stretch, review your contracts and check up on any loose ends. Some catering companies provide a coordinator as part of your package check to see what level of services they offer before you make a decision.

What is your process?

In the Beginning

We begin with a consultation this could be face to face or over the phone. We will look at images you provide, talk about likes, dislikes, your favorite flowers, where you like to go on vacation and how you met. In short, we take our time to get to know you so that we can craft a design for your florals and decor that best represents the mood you want to evoke and your unique personality. After this, we put together a fully itemized proposal for your review.

Floral Design

For floral design services we require a deposit to hold the date and then put together mood boards for review beforehand to ensure that every detail is made the way you would like.

A-La Carte

Sometimes all the help you will need is selecting linens or working with your lighting vendor to pick the best options. We offer a-la carte design services that are billed by the hour.

The Works

Full service event design services require a retainer to start the design process and fees vary depending on the level of service needed.
We create comprehensive proposals of the overall design with 3-D renderings, mood boards, and sketches so that you can see your over all vision.
When the design proposal is finalized, we provide a detailed list of all of the deliverables and the vision.

Is your hair naturally curly?

Yes, I was born with brown, curly hair. Kids teased me and I was jealous of my sister and her straight blond tresses.
My mother told me that bread crusts make your hair curly so I spent years trimming my sandwiches and years getting my hair straightened at Japanese Salons.
My motto has always been You Be YOU. Now I enjoy my sandwiches with the crust on and I enjoy my wild, curly locks.

Do You Know the Right Questions to Ask?

You only have one wedding day and we only have one chance to get it right.
Since 2008, Rose Red & Lavender has been producing weddings in New York and the Hudson Valley, our staff are some of the best in the industry.  We will never promise something that I can’t deliver even if it seems impossible. Experience has taught us to guide a couple in the right direction when design details are not in line with the budget or the logistics of the day.
We know the right questions to ask,  to make a list and check it thrice, and the experts to turn to to get the job done right. An experienced wedding vendor won’t need to fake it. Chances are if something comes up, we have already solved that situation in the past and know how to proceed with a cool head.
Experience teaches you to know how to plan for the inevitable, we take nothing to chance. If something should occur, shit that happens beyond our control, we will move the world to make it right.
You should be comfortable with your choice of a wedding professional so that you won’t feel the need to have to micromanage the process and can relax. We stand behind everything we do. 

Do You Travel?

Mais Oui – We travel. I have done installations throughout the world and in the US. Our teams have worked in France, Italy, Caribbean Destinations, The UK, Germany, Spain, The UAE, Mexico, and Italy. We always learn the polite words in the native language and how to count to 100, and are able to direct international teams. Working in remote locations requires a special type of skill, those lists get checked 4 times. Logistics is our middle name.

Do you Play Nice With Others?

Nice can’t be taught. We only employ people who are thoughtful, considerate and kind. We make sure that your event goes on without a hitch and work hand in hand with all of your vendors to make sure your day is perfect. We have been known to help short handed catering companies finish setting up, make emergency repairs to bridal gown straps, run to a hotel to get a grooms forgotten shoes and calm down a nervous father of the Bride.

What is your Favorite Flower?

Flowers are like children and I really can’t pick a favorite. If it tells the right story, and looks amazing then that’s my favorite. I do love the smell of garden roses, appreciate the simplicity of a calla lily and the elegant curves of a ranunculus. Probably wouldn’t reach for a gerber daisy unless I was channeling the 90’s for a themed event then that would be ok.

Can You Help me Plan a Destination Event in New York?

Yes, Yes, Yes! We have helped plan events for people living in San Francisco, London, Pakistan, and beyond. We can help you select a venue, hotels for guests, catering company, officiant, photographer, transportation and everything you need.

How Soon Should I Book My Florist or Event Designer?

Great designers like great venues book up fast. Generally we recommend about 6 to 8 months out during the busy season and 2-6 months out in the off season for floral design.
Full event design and planning requires 8-12 months of planning in season and 4-6 months in the off season.

Questions to ask Before Hiring a Floral Designer

Do you have a design studio?

Often times, aspiring floral designers don’t have a permanent work studio and use the venue as a popup production location. I have heard stories of in-experienced designers showing up to a venue with a bunch of boxes in a Smart Car and scrambling to finish everything in time. If flowers aren’t properly conditioned days before styling them, they will wilt.
Beware of floral designers who do their work the day of. Flowers need time to condition and to be at their prime by not having a studio they are able to offer lower prices, but the results are often disastrous as there is no time to recover if mistakes are made and no time to do the job correctly with precision.
Experienced designers will often start days before an event to make sure that everything is at its prime and that the work is done in a timely manner and not rushed. Roses need time to open, Peonies, need time to pop, hydrangea needs to be chilled and crisped, just like lettuce.
Flowers that are not conditioned properly will collapse during the event, no one wants a wilted centerpiece or bouquet or work that is hastily put together.

Do you have refrigeration in your studio? 

Flowers are perishable items and they need refrigeration to stay fresh. Any professional floral designer will keep their flowers in coolers specifically designed for flowers. These coolers maintain the proper temperature and humidity to ensure that they are as fresh as possible for your event.

Can I see real life examples of your work?

Often aspirational floral designers will put together styled shoots to showcase their design skills. This is not the same as full on production for an actual event. You want to know that your designer has the experience and know how to create multiple centerpieces, bouquets, and ceremony decor and your designer has the resources should something go wrong. We often have only an hour or two to set up weddings and the knowhow to get it done right.

Have you done many weddings?

Your wedding is important and there is only one chance to make it right. When selecting a designer, make sure that you find someone who is experienced and not using your wedding as a learning experience. You don’t want your wedding to be someone’s first rodeo. 
Having prior knowledge of a venue is important. Your floral designer will know what looks best in a venue, the specific rules of each venue and be able to avoid any complications. Did you know that some venues don’t allow candles, others may only have a 30 minute window for setup? The load in may take an hour more than normal.  By knowing these little details, your designer will be able to design your event so that it is logistically possible and plan for the amount of labor and time that will be needed.