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Katie Fischer Design

A Manhattan Based Studio for Discerning Clients

Corporate and Social Invitations, Branding and Event Collateral

Working in the event and wedding industry allows you to be with other professionals who help people celebrate. We are always trying to create something new that hasn’t been created before and in the sea of copy cats, there are always those who stand out from the crowd.

This week we are featuring Katie Fischer Design Studio.


Katie has fresh, modern designs that feel elegant and not stuffy. I love her work and her sense of humor. I also love her attention to details, from the paper she choses to all the special touches. Katie is the mom of two adorable boys. Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart, Brides Magazine, the LA Times, Glamour, Forbes, and The Knot. When she is not running her business she can be found cooking, running, or having impromptu dance parties with her family.

KS: What are your passions and hobbies outside of work?
Katie Fischer: “Cooking – I LOVE to cook and host dinner parties. And Spending time with my kids and husband. I really enjoy oil painting, but don’t find much time to do it.”
KS:  Is this what you thought your business would be like when you started out?
Katie Fischer:  “I hoped that it would, yes.”
KS: What used to be your biggest challenge, how did you overcome it?
Katie Fischer: “Worrying about everything. A quote my husband told me helped: control is letting go. And with time and age, comes more confidence and less fear.” 
KS: What are you the most proud of?
Katie Fischer: “Being able to run a successful business and being able to be there for my kids. Being able to do what I love while Achieving balance.”
KS: What professional organizations are you associated with in and in what ways?
Katie Fischer:  “Wish Upon a Wedding – I designed the New York chapter materials and did the rebranding for the national chapter too.”
 KS: Could you share a little more about the events you have and how it benefits your business?
Katie Fischer: “It’s a chance to try out new ideas and showcase what we all do best in an organic and fun way.”
Katie is known for throwing some terrific industry parties. It is a great opportunity for event professionals to let their hair down and network with each other doing what we do best, parties.
Thank you so much Katie for your time. I wish you continued success and work and life balance.
Her contact info is below whenever you need kick ass branding, event collateral and corporate and wedding invitations.
Website: http://www.katiefischerdesign.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katiefischerdesign/
Email: http://info@katiefischerdesign.com
Phone: 212.390.8385
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